A Message for You: 


Did you know that you are a true expert concerning your own life? 
You are so to say at the source of all the processes within you, and the active governor of your life energy. 
And did you know that the quantum of energy available for your healing or for pursuing your dreams, 
mostly depends on what you mentally & emotionally identify with?
Do you want to do the check? Just remember how you felt as you succeeded in something. 
Wasn't there a sense of being connected to something "greater" than your daily human identity you were used to?

Developing a HIGHER  IDENTITY than a usual body-mind condition 
trully unlocks the keys to your inner ressources, 
paving the way for a life of authenticity, dignity and fulfillment.
Are you ready to tap into the possibilities of your inner world creating a meaningful and joyful life? 

I love inspiring you into your higher identity!
Through over a decade of intense transformational work
with over 4000 clients I could distill it all in an easy-to-use 
that shifted so many lives - mine included -
and which I burn to share with you!




Have you noticed that everything we define as „reality“ has its vibration? Every structure of matter, every cell, every atom has a frequency of its own. The more similar the frequencies are, the more resonance (attraction) is produced, to which matter reacts and by which matter is getting shaped - including our bodily structures! 

In fact, this is also the major law governing the dimension of frequencies: the LAW of RESONANCE (also called Phased Synchronization) showing that two waves resonate when their frequencies are close to each other leading to enhanced interaction between the waves.


On the other hand, you may have noticed how you - just as any other human being - react to frequencies such as sound & music. They can initiate new levels of perceptions and instantly change your emotional state, your degree of stress, vigilance, or relaxation. In fact, you even use music in oder to deepen emotional states or shift moods.
This is how intense the impact of frequencies is.
It is our high RECEPTIVITY TO FREQUENCIES and its instant transforming power that made out of music one key evolutionary driver for the humankind. Knowing this, music therapist and researchers have proven that certain practices of interacting through sound & music - especially those involving active participation - can grow more safety, flexibility, and resilience in our complex body-mind-soul system, increasing the self-trust level and the ability to connect to others.


Can you now imagine the high level of transformation for a living being that could consciously transform its destructive vibrating patterns into vibrations of healthy growth? This CONSCIOUS CALIBRATION is the core approach in my therapeutical & transforming processes.
After a long practice in interdisciplinary teams in various areas of health care (in both clinical and ambulant environments), supporting my clients through therapy and teachings on their self-healing issues, I can tell you that everyone can learn to influence/create/re-calibrate, and maintain certain levels of frequencies! 

This immense gift we carry in ourselves as human beings

ist available to each of us so it can be used in your service: 

⚛︎ The governing law of resonance
⚛︎ Your inborn receptivity to frequencies
⚛︎ Your ability to consciously chose 
and calibrate your frequencies
Other than working with matter - which shows a high resistance when getting shaped, frequencies can be changed faster and need only the necessary skills to know 

WHAT / WHEN / HOW to focus.
Stay with me if you want to benefit from this formula and become 

the genuine deliberate creator of your own frequencies 

in a meaningful & joyful life that you diserve by:

● shifting the frequencies of stress, chronic pain, fatigue, anxiety, conflict and even addictions into higher frequencies of healthy growth such as trust, gratitude or love (basically raising your vibration)
● transforming your interpersonal relationships in true oases of connection and joy
● attracting cooperative components for your personal or professional development
● entering & maintaining with ease in flow states and manifesting 


Now, you may ask me, how would this work?

Well, the way we produce frequencies is through our thoughts & emotions. They shift or maintain the structures and functions in our bodies.

Yet, just having this information will not greatly affect your transformation. 
It is a great joy for me to show you how to successfully implement a significant frequency shift that will lead to a positive change of your vibrational patterns, just check the section MENTORING & THERAPY !

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