remember your true nature

Welcome beautiful spirits ! 

My name is Rauhsna

Rising Vibration & Soul Sound Medium
Sound & Voice Alchemy Mentor
Music therapist MA & Theta Healing Facilitator


It is a great pleasure to meet you in this fiel d of both potential and manifested vibration ! 

In this world I serve as translator of soul's frequencies into sound & music 

and as creator of sacred spaces for regeneration and healing by just allowing the vibration to rise.  

Anybody can learn to create this sacred space of healing because our true nature is VIBRATION !

Everything unfolds from vibration

Our true nature of frequency is enabling wonderful paths of wellbeing & healing. 

We are continuously creators of frequencies and therefore, we constantly create new beginnings.  

We are here to play the most funny and inspiring play of all times: the PLAY of FREQUENCIES.

Being a vibrational entitiy, wouldn't you love to know how to fine-tune this majestic instrument that you are? 

That is why I am here, in deep gratitude, joining you on this path of attunement to your source vibration.


Source frequency is healing frequency

This is the supreme frequency of love and oneness, including all that is. 

The more we attune to this frequency, the more healing, abundance we create in us an in our environment. 


There is no better place to be than in the NOW vibration 

Every vibration - which we perceive as emotion - is meaningful. 

For each of them opens deep horizons of learning, redefining our perception and wishes. 

We all tend towards highest vibrations, such as confidence, trust or love ! 

Yet, it is amazing how much resistance we offer to this natural flow of love streaming constantly towards us. 

Due to our ability to focus, it is obvious that, from a place of dissatisfaction or discomfort,
reaching towards such high vibrations turns into the greatest challenge.


We are born as experts in modeling frequencies 

We carry within finest sensorial interfaces (our senses) 

and interpreters of vibration (our feelings and thoughts).

Just in the same way we mold hearable frequencies into various patterns of sound 

which we then perceive a harmonic / disharmonic, leaving an emotional imprint in our system, 

in exactly the same way we also mold the frequencies of our thoughts and emotion.


Music reveals our supreme quality in mastering vibrations 

Music is our precious gift by which we we can hear and feel vibrations. 

The repertoire of skills we can learn by interacting with sound or music is tremendous. 

Whether toning with the voice or intuitively playing on sound instruments, all this is our true home. 

The more we embody the law governing the frequencies - the law of resonance - 

by understanding the mapping our emotions to our bodily sensations and thoughts, 

the more we discover the ease of the natural allingnment to the flow of wellbeing. 


I am happy to meet you in the sacred nurturing space of heart awareness and soul sound ! 

in gratitude for all my teachers and life companions, 

from the heart,