remember your true nature

I was born in Romania and I have spent half of my life in the northern areas of the Carpathian Mountains, 

a wild natural region with old traditions of singing, dancing and healing. 

The forest, its sounds and its whole synesthetic space has always been my regenerating home.  

My path is of sound 

Sound channelling is a blessed gift of birth. 

I was literally born into perceiving this vibrating flow, 

so I have no other understanding on life than through vibration. 

I have been using this gift since my youngest childhood - in the beginning as a self regulating tool, 

creating sounds to sooth my emotional states, later on, as a therapist and sound healing facilitator, 

as space holder for rising vibration & healing for others. 

... soul vibration echoing ...

As a child, one of my favorite plays was that of echoing my soul frequencies in all kind of spaces: 

in front of windows, in ceramic pots, in the forests, in the silent hills of the village ... 

and with my first study in Geography & Geomorphology, in marvelous caves during our speleological expeditions. 

In time, I had noticed that theoretical and applied sciences tried to explain in precise words the phenomena I was so familiar with, 

so I decided to learn this cognitive language as well, in a second study of music therapy (MA), which I graduated in 2011 in Germany.  

Understanding this language gave me the necessary tools to easily navigate between complex fields such as medicine, psychotherapy, spirituality, science and, through my previous 6,5 years in international Sales Consulting, also in business. 

The bridges I build through working with sound / frequencies stretch over all the life spectrum,

and so I work with persons of all ages, in all situations or challenges of life. 

The ECHO of what I call soul vibration applies to just any life aspect: from birth, trauma, relationships, life crises, psychosomatic & psychiatric challenges, personal & transpersonal evolution, transition into other dimensions, transformation, rituals & ceremonies. 

... translating vibrations

Understanding that we are all translators of vibration into emotions, thoughts, music, art, dance … and finally, into manifested reality, 

I embrace each form of being in the NOW moment, where we receive full SOURCE ENERGY focus ! 

Attuning the own vibration to the Source Frequency - which I refer to as our True Nature - 

is the ultimate power I personally connect for all the processes & experiences of my life. 

When our resistance gets off the way, the Source Energy begins to flow and does its work without our "doing". 

... the gift of Receiving

"RECEIVING" is the effortless modality to instantly mould in the quantic field. 

This is where all my therapy or mentoring sessions point at, 

supporting you into unleashing your SELF HEALING POWERS ! 

I am so eager to know you 

and to show you how to enjoy your rising vibration ! 

Blessings from the heart,