Do you remember?
(1) We are born as experts in translating and modeling frequencies.
(2) We are all born as interpreters of vibration (through our feelings and thoughts).
(3) We can mold the frequencies of our thoughts and emotions, resulting in a manifestation.
(4) With our Willpower & Focus we can create and maintain a significant shift of frequency

Join the 
Multimodal Integrative Frequency 
Therapy & Mentoring Programs 
designed to enable you:
⚛︎ develop the necessary neural infrastructure
 ⚛︎ transform resistance into determination
⚛︎ regain your willpower, clarity and positivity
⚛︎ become the true owner of you frequencies, i.e. emotions & thoughts
⚛︎ regain the control over states such as anxiety, stress, pain, social isolation & disconnection, depression, addiction.
⚛︎ develop self-trust, safety & resilience when dealing with challenging situations 
⚛︎ empower your career and explore the exciting possibilities of life
 ⚛︎ become the deliberate creator of a meaningful reality

You can attend my sessions online, in place / in my praxis in Munich 
as well as in several health care institutions in Munich! 

Within intense years of practice in various areas of health care (since 2012), engaging in helping my clients to activate their self-healing powers, I have developed the Multimodal Integrative Frequency  Therapy & Mentoring Programs which I have been applying in large health care & health support institutions such as LMU Klinikum München, Klinikum Freising or Trauma Hilfe Zentrum München as well as in smaller therapy and learning groups. 

The Multimodal Integrative Frequency Therapy & Mentoring Programs  involve a multiple activation of dimensions within our human being on both theoretical and experiencing level: 

(I) Somatic level - VNS integrative work (activating the vegetative gate in a polivagal approach) in voice, breath, posture & movement, building your self-regulating toolkit & reinforcing new neural pathways, circuits & connections

(II) Frequency awareness level - building your emotional mapping & focusing power 

(III) Intuitive level - building your flow ability & creative connectivity 

(IV) Quantic level - building your abilities for activating your receiving mode, understanding & applying the principles within the law of resonance in order to easily facilitate your deliberate manifestation

Note that, while the Therapy Program is going to navigate you through your challenges to re-ballance & develop skills for self-empowering, the Mentoring Program will give you additional intensive and interdiscipinar perspectives in enhancing your praxis as a trainer, coach, therapeut or entrepreneur. In order to attend any of the programs, no special knowledge is required.  

Check also my other transforming modules on the "Event" page, that I facilitate in place!  

 Sounding Constellations - quantic & systemic oriented constellations in a multimodal approach, using the sound and the activtion of the morphogenetic field in a somatic context involving the voice, posture, VNS & embodiment. 

Primal Sound / Inner Child Work - transforming old defense patterns into wisdom

Rising Vibration Ceremonies - connecting to joy, to the power of collective intuition 

Transition Ceremonies - processing intense emotions such as grief into forgiveness, reconnecting to the ancestors and enabling the restoration of inner peace

Healing Sound Journeys - Transcendental Theta sound healing sessions with crystal & Tibetan bowls, gongs, as well as further meditative instruments & voice 

Individual Healing Sound Compositions - process oriented sound compositions (including your own transformational songs & sound journeys)

Voice Alchemy Work - unfolding the healing power of your voice (one of my first modules I have been offering, whereas the groups can extend to 50 participants and more, according to the demand)

Body-Brain-Symphony Training - a polivagal approach involving mindfulness, sound & body enhancing the sense of safetyness, self-confidence, resilience & connection in enterprise teams 

Note: In order to attend any of the modules, no special knowledge is required.  

To enrole in a group or in a one-to-one session, to book a certain module, to propose a collaboration or project, just send me a message on: