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Shifting into Joy! 


Within the Voice of Your Inner Child

Welcome to PRIMAL SOUND, your space to connect with & nourish yourself 

from the genuine frequency of your soul, enabling all of your inner children 

to reach their hands, come to peace and find a home in your heart.

Letting go from old patterns can be easier than confronting the old wounded places 

and trigger old emotions. This method I successfully use in my therapeutical 

and healing work, has to do with the vibrational work of calibration.

The enabled resources will shift your perspective beyond what you could ever imagine 

and allows sustainability and method replication to any life situation.

In order to participate, no preliminary knowledge is required.


Creative materials as well as warm vegan snacks 

cooked with love by Rauhsna, fruits and drinks are available.


Munich Allach

Saturday 24.06.2023 / open doors 9:00h / start 9:30h / end 17:00h

from 145 Euro, self offering base
Booking: rauhsna@web.de


Soul Sound Ceremony & Cacao Ritual

Welcome to Somos Medicina, a co-creation of us all,
musicians, soul sound channelers, dancers and voice translators of Sacred Source frequencies !

We will initiate the evening with a heart opening ritual where you can chose to serve our Blue Lotus Raw Cacao or Blue Lotus Tea. 

As our hearts open in the fusion of silence, subtle shamanic drums, voices, organic sounds & scents, 

a mesmerizing sound journey unfolds:

carried by the intuitive play of Baba, Boris & Mathis on native instruments such as 

Drums, Sarangi, Guitars, Flute, Didgeridoo & Sitar, together with the nurturing voices of RAUHSNA & Boris

we will float and celebrate in the pulse of our healing soul, embodied and expanding in here and now.


Munich / Rote Fabrik, Brunhamstraße 19A, 81249 München
doors open: 18:45 / start: 19:30 / closing: 22:00
Ticket: from 39,- Euro p. Person, self offering base

At the Door: 45.- Euro p. Person

Blue Lotus Raw Cacao or Blue Lotus Tea: 5,- Euro 

*** special prices for couples upon request: somosmedicina@web.de ***
Booking without fee: somosmedicina@web.de
Direct Booking: https://rb.gy/utoan8

We are so happy to meet you ! 

Your Somos Medicina Team