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Events of joy, transformation & attunement 

10. Nov. 2023


Soul Sound Ceremony & Cacao Ritual


Welcome to Somos Medicina, a co-creation of us all, 

musicians, soul sound channelers, dancers and voice translators of source frequencies !

Carried by the sound of Drums, Guitars, Flute, Didgeridoo, Sitar, Sarangi in the intuitive hands of Baba, Boris & Mathis, together with the nurturing voice of RAUHSNA, we will all float and celebrate in the pulse of our healing soul, 

embodied and expanding in here and now.
Munich / Rote Fabrik, Brunhamstraße 19A, 81249 München

doors open: 18:45 / start: 19:30 / closing: 22:00

from 45 Euro including Cacao Ritual, self offering base

Booking without fee: somosmedicina@web.de
Direct Booking: https://shorturl.at/wxHJ0 


25. & 26. Nov 2023


the tantric fusion of dance and voice 

dansing evening event & 1 day workshop 


in Lichtsaal Grafing 

We feel a great joy welcoming you to this experience of exploring flow with music, dance and voice! 

Saturday / 25.Nov / tickets at the door / 25,- Euro p.P.

Sunday / 26.Nov. with previous registration / 110,- Euro p.P.

*** Further details coming soon *** 


10.Dec 2023

Women Circle * My Body is my Altar *
Mia Majloloki & Rauhsna

A space for us women to feel safe, heard, get inspired, experience and learn new ways to our everyday happiness and abundance.
In this last workshop of our series we have Rauhsna as special guest,

inviting you to unfild your own healing voice frequences.
Our topic for this workshop is: NAAD (sound) -Vocal sound healing
What is our voice communicating to us?
We will tune into our soul voices, vibrate and sing together.
From this embodied experience of connection we will then enjoy the deep relaxation in Rauhsna’s soothing soundscapes.
Join us to dive deep and find wonderful peace and love within you.
We look forward to experience this event with you. 

Salon de Shakti München / 15:00 - 17:00h

45,- Euro per Person / Early Bird: 40,- Euro per Person till 26.Nov.
Bookings: https://www.miamaljojoki.com/shop/p/women-circle-with-special-guest-radiant-rauhsna

Alternative registration via email: rauhsna@web.de
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/events/280411258311019/
Further details: www.mia-majloloki.com



Into the Healing Heart * Special *

Vergebungsritual, Cacao & Soul Singing Ceremony

Welcome to our special edition of "Healing Heart" including our forgiveness ritual! 

We weave our prayers in the deep sound of drums & gongs, 

together with our cacao & soul singing ceremony facilitated by Rauhsna & Bernhard Brus. 
As always, we will integrate the self experiencing of the evening in a Tibetan bowls meditation
followed by a sharing circle & a delicious vegan warm meal cooked by Rauhsna.
It is a great honor to introduce Bernhard's wisdom and his intercultural ceremonial work!
He is an experienced ritual space holder and cacao expert, empowering the elevation of human awareness.
Munich / close to Schloss Blutenburg
doors open: 18:30 / start: 19:00 / closing: 22:00
from 55 Euro, self offering base
Booking: healingheart@posteo.de


6.January 2024 


Rising Vibration, Calibration & Visioning journey

Welcome to MANIFESTING SOUL, Rauhsna's Rising Vibration, Calibration & Visioning journey in the infinite power of our SOUL,
igniting the manifestation of the gathered visions within our beautiful vibrating reality.
We journey together in a multidimensional approach of our vibrating nature - through sound, through our united voices,
in conscious touch relaxation, meditation, playful encounters, rising vibration inspiring exercises in pairs and in circle,
revealing synchronicities, Qi Gong / Qi Klang / Qi Voice. We receive the vision of our SOUL in a multimodal approach, 

engaging various elements from art, poetry, songs & intuitive rituals.

We dive deep into Theta frequencies, in the sound of mesmerizing music instruments (gongs, Tibetan bowls, monochords and so much more) carried by Rauhsna’s warm voice. We calibrate to the frequency of our souls and share our deep knowing,
amplifying our coherence and rising vibration. No preliminary knowledge is required.
Creative materials as well as warm vegan snacks cooked with love by Rauhsna, fruits and drinks are available.
Munich / close to Schloss Blutenburg
Saturday 7.01.2023 / open doors 9:30h / start: 10:00h / end: 18:30h
from 110 Euro, self offering base
Booking: rauhsna@web.de


19. Jan 2024

ASTRALIA - deep into theta

Crystal bowls * planet gongs * soul transmission * mystic strings & voices

Welcome to our transcending journey of deep regeneration and visioning with Rauhsna & Rupert Aicher. 

We will surrender in purifying sound ritual with drums, Sun and Moon planet gongs, 

enjoying Rauhsna's Theta Soul Sound Transmission in the magic sound of crystal bowls, 

mystic strings and other mesmerizing instruments, uniting our voices in beautiful songs integrating our journey.

Munich / Rote Fabrik, Brunhamstraße 19A, 81249 München
doors open: 18:45 / start: 19:30 / closing: 22:00

45,- Euro per Person 

Booking: rauhsna@web.de


3-4 February 2024

Quantic & Systemic Sound Constellation (Aufstellung)

Sounding Constellation is a quantic and systemic approach facilitating the reorganisation of trans-personal, familial and social systems.
Since everything that has ever been existing has its roots in vibration, there is actually no separation between what we perceive as being individuated. Our thoughts and feelings create a vibrational grid which resonates to similar frequencies or information in the morphogenetic field. By molding this emotional grid, we can change relational aspects between systems or components in our families, 

we can reveal and dissolve thinking & behavioral patterns. 

Sound is just a hearable vibration that helps us understand how the components of a system relate to each other, 

so we can begin to create a new emotional grid based on an intuitive soul guidance in the presence of unconditional love.

Rauhsna is facilitating a transforming safe space using music instruments, voice, inviting the participants to set up their familial or social situation / challenge by delegating the participants as deputies for certain aspects of persons in their family system.

There is no preliminary knowledge necessary for this kind of work. 

Munich / close to Schloss Blutenburg
Saturday 3.02.2024 / 10:00-17:00h & Sunday 4.02.2024 / 10:00-17:00h

PRICES for participants to constellation work

295,- Euro per Person 

Early Bird *** 255,- Euro per Person for registration till 10.January 2024

PRICES for assistants, guests / observers: 

105,- Euro per Person

Early Bird *** 85,- Euro per Person  for registration till 10.Januar 2024

Prices including drinks, & vegan snacks & 1 warm meal per day

BOOKING: rauhsna@web.de
Limited places !