remember your true nature

Events of joy, transformation & attunement 

29. September 2023


Together we embarque on a journey into the vibrating dimension of our beautiful souls.
Rauhsna's healing voice weaving amazing, mesmerizing songs & soul sound channeling
along with your unfolding voices expand our perception into realms of pure joy and collective visioning.
Soothing theta soundscapes blessing our beings, earthy grooves pulsing in our bodies,
rivers of voices unfolding from the depths of the hearts:
Rauhsna's Rising Vibration Ceremony is revealing the pure sound of love within each and everyone,
connecting us to our very source of manifesting joy!   

Rote Fabrik Munich 

Open Doors: 19:00 Uhr / Start: 19:30 / End: 22:00 

Ticket: 35,- Euro p. Person

Booking: rauhsna@web.de



14-15 October 2023 


Awakening the healing and manifesting power of your voice 

- 2 Days Workshop -

Deep rooted within our body structures and connected to all that vibrates, 
there is no thing within our human being like our voices.
At the first sight, the voice is meant to translate neurological processes
such as thinking into emotional states, and to support communication processes between humans.
Furthermore, the voice is one of the main catalysts in emotional regulating processes within and between humans, 
as we know it through toning and singing, being involved in regenerating and healing processes 
far more than science could have ever comprise it in countless, yet limited researches.
One unique psychomotor & sensorial interface between vibration and matter, our voice is the master of translating,
communicating, healing and manifesting processes within all human beings.

As a music therapist MA, mentor and facilitator of growth and transformation processes, 

Rauhsna's work focus lays since decades in the applied natural / „built in" frequencies for self-healing processes, 
bridging science, therapy, mindfulness & spirituality in an multi-modal and integrating approach.

Whether you are a facilitator of healing processes or you are about to enhance your exploration
on your self healing powers, this workshop provides you an excellente source of inspiration for your practice, 
including individual, pair and group exercises of vocal embodiment, founded knowledge on the polyvagal approach
on voice, breath, body & awareness, self regulating processes, flow, theta states, as well as vocal channeling.

Munich / Untermenzing
Saturday 14. October / 10:00 - 17:00 

Sunday 15. October / 10:00 - 16:00 

Regular price: 235,- Euro p. Person 

*** Early Bird price: 195,- Euro p. Person / till September 20th *** 

(prices including snacks and drinks + 1 warm meal per day)
Booking: rauhsna@web.de

26. October 2023 


Cleansing Ritual, Cacao & Soul Singing Ceremony

A sacred circle initiating a powerful cleansing ritual with the deep sound of drums & gongs,
cacao & soul singing ceremony with Rauhsna & Bernhard Brus,

softly integrating the self experiencing of the evening in a Tibetan bowls meditation
followed by a sharing circle & a delicious vegan warm meal cooked by Rauhsna.

It is a great honor to introduce Bernhard's wisdom and his intercultural ceremonial work!

He is an experienced ritual space holder and cacao expert, empowering the elevation of human awareness.

Munich / close to Schloss Blutenburg 

doors open: 18:00 / start: 18:30 / closing: 21:30

from 55 Euro, self offering base

Booking: healingheart@posteo.de